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With a heart for innovation and a passion for technology, we're your trusted partner in building sustainable technology solutions for a brighter, better future.
Technology Strategy
& Advisory

We don't just understand technology; we understand its role in taking your business forward. Our technology services are tailored to align your technology initiatives with your business goals, ensuring a coherent blend of innovation and strategic direction.

Product Innovation,
Design & Development

We specialise in mobile and web applications that are not just functional, but also intuitive and engaging. Leveraging the latest frameworks and design principles, our team ensures that your applications resonate with your audience, driving user satisfaction and business growth.

Venture Investment
& Support

Great ideas need more than just capital to flourish; they need the right expertise, environment and support. Our venture support goes beyond funding, offering mentorship, resources, and the expertise of a seasoned tech leader to ensure your venture thrives in a competitive landscape.

With a heart for innovation and
a passion for technology,
we're your partner in building technology solutions.

Darryn Trefz
Darryn Trefz
Managing Director
"In a world where technology constantly evolves, knowing which direction to take and experience in navigating this complexity is paramount.

For over 25 years as a technologist and business leader, I've blended technological insights with commercial acumen to deliver solutions that resonate with our customers, establishing a strong foundation for growth.

At The Digital Affinity Company, we don't just offer 'yet another packaged solution'. We walk alongside you as an invested partner, aligning technology to your ambition, and navigating complexities with you.

Let's journey together."



Darryn's ability to fearlessly tackle intricate challenges demonstrates his remarkable problem-solving skills.

No matter how demanding the situation, he consistently navigates through with remarkable efficiency and composure. It is evident that complexity does not intimidate him; instead, he embraces it as an opportunity to showcase his capabilities.
Group IT & Operations Manager
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